My name is Regina Woodard.

I’m a writer.

I have been writing for well over 30 years.

At least 15 of those have been in a professional capacity as a freelance writer, contributing writer, content writer, and copywriter.

To view the types of writing I’ve done, please visit my Interactive Writing Resume.

My other professional include customer and technical support, creating a rapport with customers and helping them solve challenges and technical issues.

I have also been an office manager, providing:

  • Administration
  • Social media management
  • AP/AR
  • Video production
  • Project management

You can see more with my other interactive resume.

3 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Aw, thanks! If you like this, you should see the blog or the website; blog is…semi-professional and the website is more creative. Okay, it’s more fan fiction, but there will be original stories up there at some point! I just need to just post and not get all perfectionist and change stuff. Glad you liked it!

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