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Hi! I’m Gina!¬†


Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m Gina and I like to write. I like writing a lot – as in a lot – and one thing I like writing about is technology. I’ve been writing for well over twenty-five years now, but have only just started getting into professional writing as part of my career goals. I’ve been pretty versatile in terms of subject, style, ¬†audience and mediums – I’ve done a wide variety of articles for small and medium businesses, computer hardware/software, games, apps, networking and security, senior services/assisted living, and the occasional help manual and tutorial.

But just because I do a lot of professional writing doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the more creative side. I started out as a creative writer, so I still enjoy sitting down at a desk and letting my mind take me to imaginative and far away places, with interesting characters, where mystery, adventure, and yes sometimes romance are there to greet them.

3 thoughts on “About Me

    • Aw, thanks! If you like this, you should see the blog or the website; blog is…semi-professional and the website is more creative. Okay, it’s more fan fiction, but there will be original stories up there at some point! I just need to just post and not get all perfectionist and change stuff. Glad you liked it!

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